2013 Miss Nevada’s Outstanding Teen

2013 NVOT Katarina Clark

2013 Miss Nevada Outstanding Teen

Hometown:            Reno, Nevada

Education:             Reno High

Platform Issue:    Ending Youth BullyingSHINE!

Talent:                    Lyrical Dance- Firework

Scholastic Honors: Presidential Scholar Award; Deans List; Varsity Letter in Academics; 4.0 GPA from K-8th grade; Honor Roll and Principals List  K-9

Creator of Anti-Bullying Campaign SHINE!;Mentor at the Loft for 2009-2011; First Chair Violin in my School Orchestra; Assistant Teacher at Dance Unlimited; Member of the Girl Scouts.

I started SHINE (Saving Hearts by Inspiring, Noticing, and Encouraging) bullying campaign to help others realize how amazing they are, and to not let the hard times of being bullied bring them down. I originally started this campaign, because I was a victim of bullying myself. Eventually, the threats and mean words stopped, and it made me decide I will be the person to contribute to helping others feel good about themselves. I will continue to visit elementary and middle schools to talk with students about what to do if they are being bullied, how to keep their head up high, and how to SHINE. I have created a support group that meets to share stories, discuss what they’ve learned from being bullied, and how to encourage others to stand up against bullying. I want to be remembered as the girl who assisted others to regain their confidence, and keep SHINEing bright.