2009 Miss Nevada


2009 Christina Keegan, GardnervilleHOMETOWN:  Gardnerville    BIRTHDAY:  November 27, 1985
AGE:     HAIR: Auburn
EDUCATION:  Rosemont, Major – Molecular Biology  Minor – Psychology
TALENT:  Ballet en Pointe
PLATFORM: Strength Over Silence: Rape Education and Recovery
  • Miss America Quality of Life 2nd Runner-up
  • “Tell me another organization that gives young women, from 18 to 24, the ability to fund their education and give them a platform to speak out on a local, state and national level about issues that matter to them,” she says, not waiting for an answer. “There are none.”
  1. Christina Keegan (Miss Nevada), Miss Northern Counties, Ballet
  2. Cassandra Walker (1st Runner-up), Miss Truckee Meadows
  3. Jacqueline Wilkins (2nd Runner-up/Talent), Miss University of Nevada – Reno
  4. Sarah Wilson (3rd Runner-up), Miss Reno/Sparks
  5. Cris Crotz (Non-Finalist/Specialty Award), Miss Mesquite, vocal
  6. Christine Delessio (Non-Finalist/Specialty Award), Miss Clark County, dance
  7. Christina Taylor (Non-Finalist/Specialty Award), Miss Summerlin
  8. Angelina Liguori, Miss Carson City
  9. MacKenzie Cauley, Miss Douglas County
  10. Ashley Kringen, Miss Greater Las Vegas
  11. Kimberlie Ramirez, Miss Henderson
  12. Kellie Mills, Miss Southern Counties
*Scholarships –  N/A
  • Married name: N/A

What is your greatest memory from your year as Miss Nevada? It is a near impossible task to pick a single moment from my year, but my school tour throughout the state presented me with innumerable treasured memories as I connected with the youth of the Silver State and spoke with them about sexual assault prevention and recovery. I was able to meet young survivors, many of whom had never spoken out about their story, and provide them with comfort, empathy, and assurance that their life did not need to be to defined by what had happened to them. The impact those times had on me is something I frequently reflect upon and I could not be more grateful.
What do you feel you learned from being Miss Nevada? Patience, patience, and more patience. It is something I struggled with before my year, but the experiences I had as Miss Nevada grated me wonderful perceptive on life which in turn has made me a better person and medical provider.
What advice would you give the future Miss Nevada? The job of Miss Nevada, while extraordinarily rewarding, is a difficult one. The days can be long and, at times, trying. Hours can fly by without a moment to sit down, eat, take a sip of water, or even go to the bathroom, and at those times, it is easy to become short or frustrated. But it is then you must remember to be your most gracious, patient, and warm because there is always someone who has never meet a “Miss America girl” before and it is your responsibility to represent the organization with the utmost integrity. Leave them with memories that will keep them smiling for years to come. “Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile.” – Mother Teresa