1965 Miss Nevada


1965 Kathryn Blaikie, Carson CityHOMETOWN:  Carson City    BIRTHDAY: March 21, 1947
AGE: 18    HAIR: Lt Brown    EYES: Green    HEIGHT: 5’10”
EDUCATION: Carson City High School Graduate, plans to attend Univ. of Nevada
in Fashion Design & Merchandising
TALENT:  Skit based on song “I’m Late” from Alice in Wonderland
  • Her mother had sewn many of her dresses that she designed including one she wore for the Miss Nevada Pageant parade
  • Won Swimsuit Preliminary Award Winner and $1000 scholarship at the Miss America Pageant – 1st time for Miss Nevada
  • Tallest contestant at Miss America that year
  • Travelled to Washington DC before Miss America and had the opportunity to meet Vice President Humphrey.
  • Led Carson City Band in the Rose Bowl Parade
  • Had “Kash for Kathy” fundraiser to help with her expenses.  Fundraiser run by Carson residents
  • Grand Marshall of the Nevada Day Parade
  • Participated in American Lung Cancer show at Sparks Nugget with Michael Landon of “Bonanza” tv show
  • “The competition is tough but fabulous; I have never in my life heard so many talented girls. I did not realize it would be like this.” – 9/14/65
  • “The reason I did not make top ten was because of the talent phase of the pageant.”  “I’d work on my talent routine and simplify it.” – 9/14/65
  • “I have no regrets” – 9/14/65
MISS NEVADA PAGEANT (Sponsored by Reno Venture Club):
  1. Kathyrn Blaikie (Miss Nevada), Miss Carson City, musical comedy skit
  2. Betty Jo Vance, (1st Runner-up), Miss Sparks
  3. Susan Randall (2nd Runner-up), Miss Mineral County
  4. Shannon Smith (3rd Runner-up), Miss Las Vegas
  5. Mary Margaret Heitman (4th Runner-up), Miss Reno
  6. Trudy Tedford, Miss Fallon
  7. Tana Aurouze, Miss Lyon County
  8. Kathleen McBride, Miss Stewart
  9. Susan Mendenhall, Miss Pershing County
  • Miss Nevada awarded $1000 scholarship as well as other gifts & prizes
  • Married name: Kathyrn Mandell (Husband – Dennis)