1958 Miss Nevada


1958 Judy Wadsworth, SparksHOMETOWN: Sparks    BIRTHDAY: August 26, 1940
AGE: 18    HAIR: Blonde    EYES: Blue    HEIGHT: 5’6”
TALENT: Dramatic reading – scene from “Joan of Arc”
        At Miss America: Dramatic reading – “The Lark” by Anhouhl
  • Spent one week in Hollywood at Bing Crosby’s home prior to Miss America for modeling & dramatic lessons (Bing Crosby’s wife, Karen Grant, was a judge at Miss Nevada pageant)
  • Appeared at Reno Silver Sox – Las Vegas Wranglers game at Moana Park
  • Appeared on the Ed Sullivan TV Show televised at Desert Inn in Las Vegas.  (Desert Inn Operator, Wilbur Clark, was a judge at Miss Nevada pageant)
  • Wardrobe furnished by Gray Reid’s of Reno and modeled her Miss America wardrobe for the press before leaving for Atlantic City
  • Youngest contestant at Miss America
  • $100 scholarship for participating at Miss America
  • Her opinion of Atlantic City was “absolutely unique”. – 1958
MISS NEVADA PAGEANT (Sponsored by Reno Lions Club):
  1. Judy Wadsworth (Miss Nevada), Reno Heavy Equipment Co., Dramatic reading 
  2. Patricia Edwards (Top 7), Sparks Lions Club, Vocal “If I Loved You”
  3. Meredith Ainsworth (Top 7), Big Y Appliance Ctr, Sketch
  4. Krestine Dickenson (Top 7), South Reno Lions, Sewing (commented & modeled designs)
  5. Annabelle Pappin (Top 7), Horseshoe Club of Las Vegas, Dramatic acting
  6. Saundra Meek (Top 7), George A Probasco Co., Dramatic reading – scene from “My Fair Lady”
  7. Alex Anastassatos (Top 7), Reno Arch Lions, Dramatic reading – “Life upon the Wicked Stage”
  8. Gaynel Lane (Congeniality), Reno Chamber of Commerce, Vocal
  9. Elaine Cali, Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce,  Vocal 
  10. Toni Pitcher, Elko Lions, Surprise talent presentation (?)
  11. Dianne Warterbury, Home Appliance Ctr @ Plaza Shopping Ctr, Vocal
  12. Pat Murdock, Ely Lions Club, Dramatic reading
  13. Farol Lee Spell, Reno Hotelmen’s Assn, Comedy Skit
  14. Marcia Craig, Reno Chamber of Commerce, Piano
  15. Ellen Hefner, Hamilton Opticians, Piano
  • Married name: Judy Tompkins (Husband – Andrew) 
  • Last known residence in Austin, Texas
  • Judy is deceased (2/8/2008)