1953 Miss Nevada


1953 Jeannine McColl, Las Vegas

HOMETOWN: Las Vegas    BIRTHDAY: December 6, 1934
AGE: 18    HAIR: Auburn    EYES: Brown    HEIGHT: 5’4”
EDUCATION: Las Vegas High School Graduate and attended one semester at 
University of Nevada in Reno
TALENT: Ballet Dance to “Something to Dance About”
  • At Miss Nevada … she had to alter her gowns because she forgot her shoes
  • At Miss Nevada… she had to rework her talent due to the orchestra wasn’t familiar with the music she originally practiced with
  • Got to room with Lee Meriwether during the 1954 Miss Nevada Pageant
  • First Miss Las Vegas to win state title
  • “We’ve had more fun and seen more exciting things back here than I dreamed we ever would” – 1953 
  • “Now, even though I don’t expect to win, I’m going to try and do everything right.  My sponsors, the civil air patrol, and all the other people helping in the Miss Nevada contest have been so good to me that the least I can do is try my best to place somewhere near the top”
  • Regarding Miss America: “you can’t just win the beauty part or one of the others and then get the crown”
MISS NEVADA PAGEANT (Sponsored by Junior Chamber of Commerce):
  1. Jeannine McColl (Miss Nevada), Miss Las Vegas, Ballet dance
  2. Beverly Griggs (Runner-up), Miss Reno, Ballet/Tap dance
  3. Dorothy Mae Casner, Miss Tonopah, Vocal
  4. Constance Crawford, Miss Yerington, Novel Painting Act
  • Married name: Jeannine Digilio (Husband – Don)
  • Mother of 2 daughters – Danelle & Dena
  • In 1975, served as a state field director for Southern Nevada with the Miss Nevada Pageant