1950 Miss Nevada


1950HOMETOWN: Sparks    BIRTHDAY: April 14, 1926
AGE: 24    HAIR: Brown    EYES: Brown    HEIGHT: 5’4-1/2”
EDUCATION: Graduate of University of Nevada
OCCUPATION: Sparks Jr High School Teacher
TALENT: Musical Comedy Sketch in Spanish, Italian and English
  • Elected an “Honorary Lion” by the Lions Club – only woman to hold the title
  • Made a statewide tour traveling over 6,000 miles and 42 appearances before Miss America
  • Original wardrobe from Magiceye, designed by Goya
  • Quit teaching to pursue a movie career in 1951
  • “I went to Atlantic City last year expecting the Miss America pageant to be just a figure and face beauty contest designed merely to exploit the energy, enthusiasm and beauty of youth.” 
  • “I would enthusiastically urge any eligible young American girl to participate in this national event, which recognizes promising talent and rewards it with scholarships directed to practical study.”
  • Top 16 Finalist at Miss America and finished in 7th Place
  • There were 16 finalists that year instead of 15 because there was a tie for 15th place
  • .Won $1000 scholarship as a finalist at Miss America
MISS NEVADA PAGEANT (Sponsored by Reno Jr Chamber of Commerce):
  1. Tosca Masini (Miss Nevada), Miss Sparks
  2. Taffy Rule, Miss Reno
  3. Dolores Martinez, Miss Winnemucca
  • $2000 in prizes awarded to the winner
  • Married name: Tosca Means (Husband – Lawrence)
  • 2 Daughters – Lawri & Kit
  • Received Bachelors in Sociology from University of Nevada
  • In the 70s, she & husband moved to Bandon, Oregon. She later opened her own theatre called “On Broadway” in Coos Bay, Oregon
  • Tosca is deceased (8/17/2002)